Why am I Doing This?

In July 2013, I gave two talks on climate change at the Students of Sustainability conference in Launceston, Tasmania (I am a climate scientist). Around that time I came to realise that I had saved up quite a lot of money during my life and that I didn't need it all. I was also blown away by the energy, commitment and unselfishness of the students I met at the conference. It was then that I decided that I should give away a fair proportion of what I'd saved to charities and other causes that I feel are worthwhile.

I have also had a small involvement in community groups and came to realise how hard it is to get just a small amount of funding for small projects. Most government-funded grants programs involve a disproportionate amount of paperwork for what may be only $1,000 or so. So I decided that a portion of the money I would give away should be in form of a small-grants scheme - which is how "2A4" came into being. I won't be giving away a huge amount but applying for a grant should be easy - just one A4 sheet for the application and another for final reporting.

So give it a try - and the best of luck!

Download an application form or contact me at: jrh@2a4.org