How to Fill in the Application Form

There are a number of ways to fill in the application form:

Now here is the important part so please read it carefully:

During the course of processing around 50 grants applications, I have wasted much time repackaging odd pieces of paper and assorted Word files (received as a "2A4 application") into something that vaguely resembles the proper application form. I don't mind if you send me a hardcopy or electronic application - but it must look exactly like this with your own words on it (so - no extra sheets of paper!). If you do not do this, or if you send me DOC or DOCX files, I will ignore your application - I will bin it - I won't even reply.

My apologies if the above sounds bureaucratic, but there is a very good reason for having this standard application form - it contains a carefully worded RELEASE AND INDEMNITIES section which is agreed by the applicant when he/she signs the form. Changing the structure of the form (e.g. by retyping parts of it, or allowing it to be mangled by Word) may well remove any protection afforded by the RELEASE AND INDEMNITIES section.

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