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This is a simple scheme for small (less than $3,000) grants for projects primarily executed in Tasmania, Australia. It's called "2A4" because it requires just one A4 sheet for the application and another for final reporting. The focus is on projects related to climate change, the environment and refugees - projects outside this scope are unlikely to be successful. Any applications which include a religious theme are also unlikely to be successful. Please include your best itemized estimate of what you would spend. Requests for the maximum amount ($3,000) will be unsuccessful unless they are convincingly justified. If I'm excited by your proposal, I may fund it; if your proposal is for "busy work", then I probably won't. If I am attracted by your proposal, I may want to meet you once to discuss it - but I don't want to take up any more of your or my time than is absolutely necessary. So, if you want a small amount of money for something worthwhile and you don't want to spend the next week applying for it, give this a try!

But first, you might want to ask why is he doing this? - and you may also want to ask can I do it too?

Download an application form but first read this,

or contact me at: jrh@2a4grants.org